American Apparel experiences wrath of Twitter over its 'Sandy Sale'

No stranger to controversy, American Apparel experienced a backlash of anger and disbelief from East Coast Twitter users after sending an email blast Monday evening, titled, "Hurricane Sandy Sale."

The retailer - pegged for insensitivity in the midst of a natural disaster - offered a 20% discount to residents in states along Sandy's path of destruction over a time frame of 36 hours - stating, "in case you're bored during the storm."

After the overwhelming damage and devastation incurred up and down the northeast corridor, particularly in our region up to New York, in the wake of the freakish superstorm, it's rubbed many the wrong way that American Apparel and other retailers - though not as outwardly vocal about their intentions - are capitalizing on the Sandy disaster by offering discounts.

What are your thoughts? Read select Twitter commentary, below.