YSL uses woman model for menswear line

Yves Saint Laurent's use of a slim, Mick Jaggerish looking girl model, Saskia de Brauw, as the face of its new menswear line,  makes me pause.

For the record, YSL's creative director, Hedi Slimane is known for his is-it-a-boy? or is-it-a-girl? approach to fashion.

Knowing how macho-obsessed men are, how in the world advertisers think using a tiny womn to market men's suits would work?  We know the slim cut suit is in, but men had a hard time adjusting to the more fitted silhoutte these last 10 years because, they said, the body hugging cuts just weren't manly enough for them.

So putting a girl in the trim suits feels very counterproductive.

Maybe brands like YSL just aren't interested in normal sized men any more. Maybe high fashion is focused on fitting men who like to wear teeny, tiny suits. Androgynous looks are the latest in fashion right now, yes? Just ask Philly-based designer,  Bela Shehu.

And then I chuckle, because I think shoot, the fashion industry has been trying to fit curvaceous women in clothing cut to adolescent boy proportions for decades now. So maybe, just maybe that is the way the fashion cookie crumbles.

What do you think about using a woman to sell grown men's clothes?