Want Malia Obama's coat? Michelle's sash and shoes?

The Obama women in beautiful coats on Inauguration Day.

It's not happening.

So says J.Crew creative director Jenna Lyons, arbiter of all things cool in American fashion, who went on the Today show Tuesday to discuss the Obama family's Inauguration Day fashion - and their general favoritism towards the preppy brand.

48-year-old Lyons told Savannah Guthrie, "Obviously people want to have a part of what she's wearing, but most often she's purchased it from previous seasons, or has pulled it out of her closet, so it's not available."

Malia's bright, plum-colored Lady Day coat is actually an off the rack item which retails for $325. Lyons says while the cut of the coat, "Lady Day," will continue to be produced by the company, the color will be retired out of deference for the President and his daughters. "We won't, just out of respect for the First family," she said.

The same applies to Michelle Obama's heels and the sash she used as a belt from J.Crew's bridal collection. "We won't rerun that. She did her own thing to that, and out of respect, we'll let her have that moment," said Lyons. Not that it quite matters.

FLOTUS' $238 Valentina pumps are completely sold out in the "Aluminum" hue, and her $265 rhinestone-studded sash-turned-belt is gone as well.

"As far as we know, they literally ordered online and they shop like anyone else in America," Lyons said in an interview with WWD. "We found out that morning, just like the rest of the world."

Normalcy is much appreciated, especially when the country simply can't get enough of what Mickey Drexler's mighty team at J.Crew delivers each season. Clearly, politicos and stars alike appreciate it, too.