Olney native makes safe sex easier with condom-holding briefs

SOS designer Bernard Buie poses with his Life Saver Boxer Briefs which are designed with a condom pocket to help reduce unexpected pregnancy and STIs.

Bernard Buie created a product designed to protect men — and women — during the heat of the moment.

SOS Life Saver Boxer Briefs by Bernard Buie are unisex underwear, though, the designer admits that are tailored to the minority male, with one small addition: a pocket just big enough to hold a condom.

A photo posted by Bernard Buie (@bernardbuie) on Jul 25, 2015 at 1:35pm PDT

“I created SOS to help men aid their impulsive minds while being in a moment of passion,” Buie, 25, said. “I want men to take that extra precaution to protect themselves and their partners from any unintended consequences." Those consequences serve as the mission for SOS. Buie wants to bring awareness to sex trafficking, and prevent unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.

The Olney native knew he wanted to do something to help quell the spread of STDs and HIV/AIDS after hosting a camp for children affected by the fatal disease.

“Getting a glimpse of what these children have to go through,” Buie said, “and how this disease will continue to affect them for the rest of their lives caused me to aid in the prevention of any possible future infections.”

Now based in Atlanta, he’s still holding on to his Philly origins, often touting local artists and celebrities like rapper Chill Moody and reality TV star Catya Washington.

A photo posted by Bernard Buie (@bernardbuie) on Jun 20, 2015 at 4:14pm PDT

And even though the missions behind the brand are serious, SOS isn’t all work and no play. The brand is having a Kickstarter launch party Friday, Sept. 18, at His and Hers Restaurant and Bar (216 South Street) from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Tickets are free and the proceeds are going to help Buie create 2,000 pairs of Life Saver briefs.

The City of Brotherly Love has good reason to be interested in underwear that make safe sex that much more convenient. Philly reported the second highest percentage of black residents, the demographic most affected by HIV/AIDS, living with the disease in the United States in 2008.

“Over 70 percent of the people that hear about my product say that they have never seen anything like it before,” Buie gushes. “Moments like that keep me going… That is the most fulfilling part of making these briefs.”