Victoria's Secret came to the National Guard's rescue during Sandy

Victoria's Secret comes to National Guard's rescue

They really are angels!

The armory of the New York Army National Guard was without hot water, power and other basic needs after Hurricane Sandy stormed its way through Manhattan and other regions leaving a path of destruction in its wake last week.

So who did the men of service consult for emergency help?

The producers of the Victoria's Secret fashion show. The retailer, which was hosting its annual show at the Regiment's historic armory at 25th and Lexington, as it has for the previous three years, already had crew members on site to prep for the event. With the help of eight 500 kw generators and multiple producers, the lights in the Armory flashed back on hours after the National Guard's call for help. (Wired)

Marc Jacobs loses home to storm

It's common knowledge that fashion folk like Georgina Chapman and Anna Wintour were displaced by last week's storm, fleeing uptown to seek refuge in hotels and other temporary abodes. Designer Marc Jacobs has also temporarily relocated uptown and it seems he's among the hardest hit by the storm. TMZ ran into the gaunt, stressed Jacobs as he was walking his dog Friday. The designer sadly shared that he's lost his entire West Village apartment due to Sandy flooding, and he's looking for a new place to live. (TMZ)

Kate Moss: The character

Kate Moss is finally opening up and fans everywhere are thrilled. So much that the New York Times refers to the controversial model, who once famously said, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" as, "The Garbo of Fashion."

The model also notably shares her hangover cure: A Coca-Cola and an aspirin. Take note, all. (NYT)