A C. Wonder store is coming to King of Prussia

Chris Burch is returning to his roots with the grand opening of C. Wonder in King of Prussia Mall.

The preppy brand, also the source of immense strain between the venture capitalist and his former wife, Tory Burch, offers a smattering array of whimsical, posh prints and fresh designs, averaging $50 per product. It's this price point and the C. Wonder aesthetic that lead Tory Burch to slap her ex-hubby with a countersuit several weeks ago. In November 2011, the Times printed a pointed review on how the C. Wonder store not only knocks off Tory Burch's style, but also mirrors the aesthetic of Kate Spade and other playful, preppy brands. Fashion power players like Anna Wintour and Diane von Furstenberg have made it clear that they're not all-too-pleased with J. Christopher Burch, lending support to Tory in the midst of her tumultuous legal battle with her ex.

However, C. Wonder fans and consumers think otherwise, especially after the store opened in Manhattan last holiday season attracting eager buyers and plushy sales figures. After all, the brand's offerings are cute and inexpensive, allowing the retailer to monopolize on the brewing, busy holiday shopping season.

Chris still adamantly defends C. Wonder's differences from the Tory Burch brand. Take for example his discussion with Gayle King on her show this summer, when he stated, "I think Tory's amazing. She grew up outside of Philadelphia, as I did. It's a classic area. but Tory has a much more stylized point of view. We're more about happy, fun, whimsical."

To make light of the entire fiasco is perhaps the most entertaining judge to hit the state of Delaware: The Honorable Leo E. Strine Jr. presided over the Burch's hearing in the most comedic manner. Take for example the following excerpt from his lively transcript:

"Real WASPs actually don't go and pay full Polo price. They don't pay full Polo price at Macy's. No way. They actually will find a bargain. That's how they got to be, you know, WASPs. When Tory Burch became popular, no one said, ‘Oh, my gosh, this is the newest thing that ever happened.' "

In true holiday spirit, Strine added:

"I didn't see any reason to burden anyone's Hanukkah, New Year's, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Festivus with this preppy clothing dispute."

As for the store itself, the King of Prussia location's grand opening event will be held Saturday, Dec. 1 and continues on through the weekend. We're told there will be a prize wheel, sweets, mystery gift cards for shoppers and even, a DJ.

Whimsical, indeed.

Event details: C. Wonder store grand opening, King of Prussia Mall, Saturday, Dec. 1-2.