Beautiful You: A new column on makeup and beauty products

Fall 2014 Ell's Features Cover Photo, Ell doing her make, for September 3rd. (David Maialetti)

IT ALL STARTED with the smoky eye.

I didn't know how to create the look and I wanted to, so badly, that I watched countless how-to videos on YouTube until I got it right. That year, I used all my holiday gift money to buy a new collection of makeup.

My love affair with beauty products had begun.

I'm a graphic designer by profession, with degrees in that and in fine arts. I view makeup as an art, too. Contouring, blending, choosing the right eye shadow and lipstick to enhance natural features - it's really like drawing on your face.

That's not to say that heavy makeup is always the way to go. That can be fun, but a bare face with just a few enhancements can look great, too.

Every Wednesday in the Daily News, read my new weekly column about makeup and beauty, with reviews, tutorials and tips, called "Beautiful You."

I enjoy experimenting with beauty products for face, nails and hair, and I'd like to share what I've learned with you.

You can see some of my video tutorials on YouTube, and I'll be uploading new ones regularly.

Have some products or tips you'd like to share, or some questions about makeup? Drop me an email. I'm always ready to talk all things beauty.

To get the conversation going, turn the page to see my fall beauty favorites.


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