In's opinion, Miley Cyrus makes the cut with new hairstyle


Editor's note: From their blog, here's a bit of Tom and Lorenzo on Miley Cyrus' recent haircut and solid Philly-girl look.

The duo blogged about Miley Cyrus , who was here recently while fiancé Liam Hemsworth was filming a movie.

EVERYONE ASSUMES we live in New York . . . but T Lo Manor and its surrounding acres are located in Philadelphia, land of the cheesesteak and Mummer.

. . . we've been asked several times what the style scene is like in Philly; what the look is that defines the city. Obviously, there's no accurate way to answer that question because like any city, it comprises vast swaths of people of various backgrounds and types. The best anyone can do with a question like that is offer one's own observations.

The one that we settled on: "Art School Chic." . . . The irony of Miley's look here, which everyone's been nattering on about, is that if she wasn't famous, she'd fit right into Philly . . .

Does every girl in Philly look like this? Of course not. Is this a look that originated in Philly or is somehow recognized as a Philly look? Again; of course not. But it's a very persistent look here, more so than in other cities we've been to.

Hipster Brooklynites and other such enclaves work a more hardcore version of this look, but Miley's striking that perfect Philly balance of conventionally pretty, with a little bit of an attitude.

She'd only need a leather cuff, a tattoo and a lit Camel to complete the look. The first time we saw Pink, before we ever heard her speak and knowing nothing about her, we said, "That's a Philly girl." [Pink, a/k/a Alecia Beth Moore, grew up in Doylestown.]

Yes, Philly girls; there are plenty of preppy girls and professional types and drag kings and fashionistas and divas, but on a weekend in town, doing some shopping and getting something to eat, we'll pass this girl on the street or have our order taken by her more times than any other girl. We think she looks adorable here.