Clint Eastwood's daughter destroys Birkin bag, receives death threats

Note to self: Burn a Birkin, bring the hate.

We caught an episode of Mrs. Eastwood and Company this past weekend, and as entertaining as it was, we find the latest news involving their daughter, troubling.

Francesca Eastwood from the "Mrs. Eastwood & Company" attends an E! Network upfront event at Gotham Hall on Monday, April 30, 2012 in New York. (AP Photo/Evan Agostini)

According to TMZ, Clint and Dina Eastwood's teenage progeny Francesca Eastwood has received a number of death threats after her photographer boyfriend Tyler Shields captured and posted images of her destroying a $100,000 red crocodile Birkin bag.

Do you think the burning of the Birkin was artistic?

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According to, the offending props used to destroy the Hermes item included a $200 chainsaw and $4 worth of gasoline. The photos have stirred some of the deepest, darkest and angriest responses known to readers across the web, beyond the realm of (shout out!). For example:

"Some of us actually have to work and live check 2 check, spoiled rotten b---- to burn 100k bag."

The news outlet says that Francesca is just shocked! by the hate-fueled responses.

What are your thoughts? Was Francesca's stunt artistic or just plain stupid? Vote in our poll. Perhaps we'll watch the backlash on E!, although the likelihood of that is pretty low, and by that, we mean 0%.