Double trouble: My boyfriend's ex- and daughter have moved in with him


Q: MY BOYFRIEND and I have been together nearly a year and a half. We haven't had any problems until now. He has a 3-year-old daughter and two weeks ago she and her mother (his ex) moved in with him. He told me that they don't have anywhere else to live. He told me that nothing's going to change with us, but I know it is. I never saw her as a threat to me until she moved into his house. Now, I'm scared that I'm going to lose him to her. My heart is telling me to stay and work it out, but my mind is telling me to leave and move on. Should I leave or should I stay?

Steve: When it comes to judgment, the mind trumps the heart. With his ex-girlfriend and their daughter living with him, you have officially become a side piece. Time to move on to your next adventure.

Mia: This time I agree with Steve. If the ex has moved in, it's time to move on. You are not the focus in his life anymore and it does not look like he is planning on including you any time soon. Girlfriend, don't let your heart trump your good instincts.

Q: My girlfriend and I dated for three years in high school, but we went to different colleges. We still considered ourselves a couple, but during our sophomore year, things started getting strange. Every time I called her, she wouldn't be there. When I asked her where she was, she would say she was studying with a friend. She was very distant when we did talk. We got back together this summer, but we're leaving for school this fall and I'm afraid she'll grow distant again. I don't want to go through that again. What should I do?

Steve: Is this Biz Markie? She said he's just a friend? Tell her, "Don't gimme that." She's got an in-school boyfriend and you're her summer love. I suggest you get an in-school girlfriend.

Mia: College is a time to hook up, break up and everything in between. If you're not happy, what's the point of keeping yourself hanging on? And if you're suspicious, there's a reason.