Monday, April 21, 2014
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He's slapped for not asking for her hand

He already proposed, but still hasn´t asked her parents for permission. (iStock photo)
He already proposed, but still hasn't asked her parents for permission. (iStock photo)

DEAR ABBY: My boyfriend, "Chad," proposed two months ago, but he didn't ask my parents for my hand in marriage. My parents are upset about it. Chad still hasn't done it. In fact, he has yet to be around them at all.

How do I get my boyfriend to speak to my parents? I spend lots of time with Chad's family, but I can't get him to even go to lunch with mine.

Dad said that if Chad doesn't clear the air with him, he may not bother showing up at our wedding! What do I do, Abby?

- Fiancee in a Fix

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    When a daughter marries, most parents want to know something about the young man - not only where he has been, but also what are his plans for the future, including where the two of you will be living and whether he has a job. That Chad is hiding from them isn't a good sign.

    When most couples become engaged, the parents of the bride and groom usually get together and start to form a relationship. If your father hasn't met your fiance, it makes it harder for your parents to reach out to his. When the in-laws are friendly, it makes for a more harmonious marriage.

    As it stands, it appears Chad is not interested in having any relationship with your family. Frankly, I can't blame your father for being upset about it.


    DEAR ABBY: When I buy a sweater I usually get an extra button in a little clear baggie attached to the garment. Today, I bought a sweater with a piece of matching thread in the tiny plastic bag.

    Why do manufacturers insist on adding something to every article of clothing, even if it is just a piece of thread?

    - Inquisitive in Illinois

    DEAR INQUISITIVE: The thread is provided in case the garment needs to be rewoven in the event you get a hole in it or a tear. It's a courtesy to the customer, so stop looking a gift horse in the mouth.

    Dear Abby
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