Friday, April 18, 2014
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Is 27 years too much of an age difference?

DEAR ABBY: I am attracted to a man who is 27 years my junior. He is also attracted to me because he initiated our meeting. We have gone out a few times, and he says he doesn't care about our age difference. He has also mentioned us living together and said he would gladly pay half the expenses even though I make more than he does.

Is this appropriate in today's society? I don't look much older than he does. But I'm from a generation in which this kind of thing would be looked down upon.

- His Older Woman in Maryland

DEAR OLDER WOMAN: In many ways the world has changed. However, I assume that you socialize with couples and individuals in your age group, and this may cost you some of those relationships because your friends may be uncomfortable with the age difference.

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  • I have printed letters from couples involved in successful May-December relationships in which the age made little difference. But I would suggest that you let this relationship develop a little further before deciding whether to move in together, and age has nothing to do with it.


    DEAR ABBY: I have a good friend I have known for 15 years. We have been through a lot together and have grown through all of our changes. However, her wardrobe hasn't changed. She still dresses like Betty White's character in "The Golden Girls" from the 1980s.

    She is in a fragile state right now because of her recent divorce. How do I tell her to lose the shoulder pads so she can meet a stud?

    - Wardrobe Mistress in Rhode Island

    DEAR WARDROBE MISTRESS: Although your impulse to help your friend is laudable, it would be a mistake to suggest that she change her image while she is in a "fragile state." Let some time pass, and then make a date for a day of fun, fashion, beauty and some shopping. When she's stronger and feeling better about herself, mention that now that she's a free woman starting a new life, a new image would help with the transition.

    Dear Abby
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