Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sex, Love, and Dating

DEAR ABBY: I'm writing to warn as many other young women as I can about the dangers of unprotected sex.
Given the damper that parenting can put on a sex life, it’s sort of miraculous that anyone ever has a second kid. Yet billions of people do.
Adapted from a recent online discussion. Question: I'm in a relatively new relationship (six months), and I can't shake the feeling that we always do things on "his time." If he suggests a time to get together, I typically say yes unless I have other plans, and he does always honor tha
Q: I've been celibate since getting divorced 10 years ago. I thought sex was over for me until an old friend dropped into town this week. His wife recently died and he admitted that he was interested in dating me. I'm flattered but I'm dead sexually. I've gained weight and I can't imagine being intimate with anyone again. Help!
Question: My boyfriend and I, turning 30 and 28 soon, have been together for almost five years and living together for four. We have talked about marriage and having a family several times, and it is something we both want. We have gone ring shopping, and he's even asked my mother for her blessing. He is on board with starting a family once I reach my early 30s and, for religious reasons, I want to be married before having kids, so this marriage window is shrinking.
After ending a long-term relationship a few years ago, Justin Goncalves wanted help returning to the dating scene. Meeting women online seemed like too much work, but his preferred way - through friends, at a party - wasn't working, either.
DEAR ABBY: My husband had an affair 18 years ago. We worked through it and are doing well in our marriage.
Adapted from a recent online discussion. Question: I have been dating a guy for five years, we live together and plan to get married.
DEAR ABBY: I read the letter from the young woman who is concerned about dating someone significantly older. In 1958, when I was 17, I met a man who was 34. He was handsome, easygoing, quiet, and I fell in love. He was a widower with two children - a 13-year-old girl and a 9-year-old boy. They lived with his mother.
Q: I let a really nice man who I met online spend the night recently. Nothing happened. I barely kissed him. I was way over on my side of the bed. Once he fell asleep, he started snoring real loud. At first, I couldn't sleep but I must have drifted off be
Q: I slept with my future brother-in-law a couple of times, when his brother, whom I'm married to now, and I were on a break. All these years later, it eats at me, especially during family gatherings when we are all together with his family.