Monday, July 28, 2014
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Sex, Love, and Dating

People ask me all the time what “red flags” to look for when reading someone’s online dating profile or emails.
As I write this, LaVeta is taking the kids to my mother's for four days.
Adapted from a recent online discussion. Question: I have been single for a long time. I haven't even been on a date in a long time. Recently, I was talking with an old friend who suggested I get out more. I replied that I'm perfectly happy with the way things are, and I feel that's true. My friend looked skeptical and suggested that I'm so afraid of getting hurt, I'm just fooling myself into believing I'm happy.
Would you have a complete stranger be one of your bridesmaids? Jen Glantz, author of All My Friends are Engaged and a professional bridesmaid, may be able to convince you to do just that. Here are her six reasons why you should hire a professional bridesmaid.
Under-the-radar weddings have long appealed to celebrities aiming to keep their nuptials private, but elopement is not reserved for the rich and famous.
Wow, this guy won't be getting the husband of the year award.
My wife of 17 years just told me out of the blue that she doesn’t love me anymore and hasn’t for some time.
"Sex Tape" is a Cameron Diaz-Jason Segal romcom that is more chase movie than sex movie.
Question: I have two grown sons, 34 and 31, both responsible, hardworking guys. The older is married with a 31/2-year-old. The younger has never married but has two children, 2 and 6 months. They both live nearby and I have a good relationship with both and I adore all of my grandkids. I host most of the family functions and have a pool they all like to use.
My daughter just turned 13, and I need to discuss the facts of life with her.
Adapted from a recent online discussion. Question: I'm a 27-year-old male in my first serious relationship since college. As a rule of thumb, how much do I need to scale back my friendships with women out of respect for my new girlfriend? She has never openly expressed jealousy, but I can tell she does not always feel comfortable with the way I interact with other women. I have many female friends and am not willing to give them up completely.
Oops, she did it again: Britney Spears re-enters retail with lingerie line