Sunday, February 1, 2015


LOS ANGELES - Football tampering is inevitable when felines take the field Sunday in Hallmark Channel's Kitten Bowl. But the kitties simply can't help the fact that claws and balls don't go together, the channel said, so don't expect an NFL-style deflation investigation.
When New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie vetoed the pig gestation crate bill late last year, there was widespread speculation the move was less about what Christie thought was in the best interest of his Garden State constituents and more about what was best for his future national political career.
One pet cat in Tampa, Fla., might be suited for a role on “The Walking Dead” after making a miraculous recovery that rivals the resurrection...
This video called "Guy Walks Into Giant Bear While Texting" is more than two years old, but it's recently been making the rounds on social media - as it should be.
Unless you have had a pet with “glomerulonephritis” you have probably never heard of this disease. But this is a special type of kidney disease...
VIENNA (AP) - A kangaroo is on the loose in frigid and snowy Austria, hopping his way toward dispelling a famous slogan.