Cats and baths? It can happen

*  Thanks to social media, we're seeing lots more photos and videos of cats getting baths and playing in water. There are times when a cat bath can be beneficial. If someone in your family is allergic to cats, a weekly bath (for the cat) can help to keep dander levels low, reducing the person's reaction.

*  We've heard of the Fortune 500. Here's a more important ranking for pet lovers: the pet-friendly 12, companies that offer perks to pet-loving employees. They run the gamut: allowing owners to bring dogs to work and providing pet insurance, discounts for doggie day care, pet supplies, financial assistance for pet adoptions and free pet health screening days. The "purr-ty" dozen are Genentech, Kimpton, Atlantic Health, VMWare, Salesforce, Mars, Google, Build-A-Bear Workshop, Autodesk, GoDaddy, Workday and Activision Blizzard.

*  "Who rescued whom?" It's a popular bumper sticker, but for Eric O'Grey, it's more. When his doctor told him he'd be dead in five years if he didn't lose weight, he took a nutritionist's advice to adopt a shelter dog. He and middle-aged, overweight Peety started walking. Within a year, O'Grey had lost 140 pounds and Peety 25. Their story was turned into a video, the kickoff for a contest called the Mutual Rescue initiative, with people can sharing stories of how a shelter animal changed their lives. Info: or Humane Society of Silicon Valley. Entry deadline is April 30.