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8 ways to save money on pet care

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Brush Your Cat’s and Dog’s Teeth Daily iStock

Brush Your Cat’s and Dog’s Teeth Daily

It sounds like a lot of work, but it really is easy. Daily teeth brushing can add two to four years to your pet’s life. For tips on how to brush a cat’s teeth, click here. For tips on how to brush and care for your dog’s teeth, click here.

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Make Your Own Treats iStock

Make Your Own Treats

Just Google How to make pet treats, and you will get more than a million recipes. (Or click here for a recipe from Parade contributor Nisa Burns.) It's cheaper than buying treats at the store, and you can create healthy alternatives.

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Keep Your Pet’s Weight in Check iStock

Keep Your Pet’s Weight in Check

Just like with humans, being overweight increases the likelihood of serious health problems such as diabetes, arthritis, and cancer. A fit and trim pet is a healthier pet.

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Consider Pet Insurance iStock

Consider Pet Insurance

Full confession: My pets don’t have insurance. I have cats, and I follow all of the previous steps. All of my cats have lived long lives. So, I am not a proponent of pet health insurance. But if you have a specific breed of dog that's prone to an illness like hip dysplasia, then it may be worth looking into. Just make sure you read and compare different types of insurance; many insurers offer a wide range of coverage. It is essential that you read the fine print.

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The most common question I get concerning pet care is about the costs. Everyone wants to know how to save money on veterinary visits, whether it really matters if you buy top-of-the-line pet food, and whether health insurance for pets is really necessary. Click the slideshow to find out the answers.

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