Thursday, August 28, 2014
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ASPEN, Colo. (AP) - Three tortoises wearing iPads for a controversial Aspen, Colorado, art exhibit have been removed at a veterinarian's request because of wet, cool weather.
Young people aren't the only ones who get back-to-school blues. Pooches used to months of constant playtime can get upset when their best buddies disappear with the dog days of summer.
The models walked the runway in bandanas, scarves, jerseys and butterfly wings.
In Labrador Retrievers, where about 5 percent of [unneutered] males and females had one or more joint disorders, neutering at <6 mo. doubled the incidence of one or more joint disorders in both sexes.
Earlier this week we learned from the Department of Agriculture that there were no plans to convene a meeting of the governor's Dog Law Advisory Board this fall.
How to tame your spending and still provide the best for your furry friend. Shop around for meds. Pet owners often buy medications from their vets,...
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