Battling tops, a Lego board game, and a forgetful stuffed tiger with some super ideas can help make a child’s season jolly.

Battling tops, a Lego board game, and a forgetful stuffed tiger with some super ideas can help make a child's season jolly. By Elizabeth LaBan FOR THE INQUIRER

Loopz Game. This fast-moving game by Mattel is an updated version of Simon, the pattern and repetition recognition game popular during the late '70s and early '80s. With Loopz, which comprises four half-circles or loops, you wave your hands through them to keep up, conducting a musical sequence as well. This game, $25.99, is for ages 7 and older and can be played alone or with a partner. (

Zigg the Tiger. One of the newest Super Zeros, this adorable, colorful plush toy comes with his own super power - and his own problem. For Zigg, that means he's smart with super ideas, but he forgets them. All the Super Zeros have their pluses and minuses, something kids can relate to. Each one comes with a detachable cape and costs $29.99. (Hello World, 257 S. 20th St., 215-545-5207)

Creationary. One of Lego's new board games, this is essentially Pictionary using Lego bricks instead of a pen and pencil - you don't draw, you build. Players choose a card from four categories - buildings, vehicles, nature, and things. Teammates have to guess what it is you're building. Recommended for ages 7 and older; three to eight people can play at once. ( for $34.99, for $25)

Zooble. For all those little kids who watched their older siblings playing Bakugan and longed to play, here is the toy for them. From Spin Master, these surprisingly cute creatures are balls that spring to life when their secret magnetic strips are activated. Kids will love their ability to magically transform into whimsical characters with big ears. For ages 4 to 8. (A set of two is available for $9.99 at Toys 'R' Us, 2703 S. Third Street, 215-334-4600)

BeyBlade Metal Fusion Super Vortex Battle Set. Long popular in Japan, this new generation of high-performance battling tops was released in the United States by Hasbro this fall. Kids can collect them and compete to see who has the longest- spinning top. Some of the spinners, which can be bought separately, light up and make sounds when launched. This set, at $24.99, comes with two rip-cord launchers, two tops, and an arena. For ages 8 and older. (Toys 'R' Us, 2703 S. Third St., 215-334-4600)