Saturday, August 30, 2014
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Josephine Wilson has tried to shield her daughter from the "nasties." The Princeton website designer avoided canned food because of the bisphenol A in the can linings. She skipped tuna because of the mercury. When she learned about flame retardants, she scrutinized her home for sources. She and her husband eventually replaced their couch and mattress. Their vacuum has a HEPA filter to remove chemicals that accumulate in dust.
Plant Easter gifts. If you're like my sister, who received Easter plants from her kids and grandkids, you may be wondering what to do now that blooms have faded. Whether flowering shrubs, bulbs, or lilies, figure out their basic growing requirements - sun
Get a head start on weeding
Get a head start on weeding. Remove as many weeds as possible, giving priority to those already in flower. The more you hand-weed now, before seeds develop, the less you'll be tempted to use weed-killers later. Choose from a variety of tools to help you d
Bee-friendly garden can help struggling species
With the death or upgrade of every cell phone comes the inevitable question of what do to with the phone and its accouterments. It’s easy to end up with...
GreenSpace: Chris Wojcik spent months building a giant horseshoe crab. Today, it goes to the ocean floor.
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