Monday, November 24, 2014
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Rice cereal. Rice cakes. Rice milk. What's not to like? Arsenic, apparently. Officials have long known that rice - and, therefore, rice products - contains traces of arsenic.
Amid the gleaming peppers, the lush kale, the red strawberries, the decals were posted: Good. Better. Best. Dea Mallin, a retired English professor and writer who shops "almost daily" at the Whole Foods store on Callowhill Street in Philadelphia, was liking it.
When most people think of air pollution, they think of outdoors - smokestacks and tailpipes. So they may overlook a significant source indoors - the household gas stove, which is gaining new notoriety as an air polluter these days.
With the death or upgrade of every cell phone comes the inevitable question of what do to with the phone and its accouterments. It’s easy to end up with...
GreenSpace: Chris Wojcik spent months building a giant horseshoe crab. Today, it goes to the ocean floor.
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It's weather madness. We could set record highs today as balmy southwest winds will send the thermometer into the 70s, with the record for Philadelphia...