Monday, August 3, 2015

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The outer border is awash in the cheery yellows of arnica and the robust oranges of calendula. If you had a muscle ache or a skin irritation and were inclined to nonconventional medicine, these plants might come in handy.
With the death or upgrade of every cell phone comes the inevitable question of what do to with the phone and its accouterments. It’s easy to end up with...
GreenSpace: Chris Wojcik spent months building a giant horseshoe crab. Today, it goes to the ocean floor.
Earlier today, IKEA officially plugged in solar energy systems atop its stores in South Philadelphia and Conshohocken, as well as at its U.S. service office, also in Conshohocken.
GreenSpace: Philadelphia area bloggers are on a one-day blitz today to push for a plastic bag ban in the city.
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If anything, Chip Kelly has trouble relating to people, in general - or more accurately, they have trouble relating to him.