Watch Snuffy the Seal briefly star in 'Shark Week' promo

Snuffy the Seal briefly stars in a Shark Week promo video.

Snuffy the Seal, an adorable, rescued sea critter making his return to the deep, vast ocean, becomes a shark's afternoon snack in the latest promo video for the Discovery Channel's much-anticipated, annual Shark Week.

In it, a staged news broadcast airs the return of Snuffy to sea. On his way down, the suspended sea creature is violently consumed by a hungry shark, much to the shock of bystanders cheering on Snuffy's short-lived homecoming. The whole sequence reminds us of that horrifying moment in Jurassic Park when the bleating goat gets eaten by raptors. 

Oh well. The week-long extravaganza returns Aug. 4 at 9 p.m.