VIDEO: Local servicewoman reunites with her dogs after medical scare

When you’re leaving for an extended vacation, there’s nothing harder than saying goodbye to your furry family members. Well, image what that’s like for someone who leaves for months at a time? 

Major Kellie Harris serves in the U.S. Army and is frequently away from her home; which leaves her two pitbulls mommy-less for quite some time. So when her dog Carmin was diagnosed with lymphoma in July, a time when Harris was away, she was thankful to have her pets in the care of another loving family. Patrice and Max Smith were the couple paired with the Major’s dogs through a service called PACT – a nonprofit that gives temporary homes to service men and women’s pets while they are away on duty.

Patrice discovered a lump on dog Carmin’s neck while they were taking care of her. “It’s much worse when it’s somebody else’s dog because you feel [a] huge responsibility,” she told CBS Philly. Carmin is now in remission and back home with her mom. Harris can’t thank the Smith’s enough. They’ve become an important part of her life, all because they were able to take care of her dogs during the medical scare ­– a time where she was overseas.

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