The dating habits of Philadelphia

The dating infographic provided by HowAboutWe.

Ever wonder how other singles in this city are dating? What works, what's popular, what's unique?

HowAboutWe, an offline dating site, compiled data from over one million date suggestions posted from January 2010 through September 2012. The results, splayed across a rather informative and interactive infographic, analyze dating patterns in cities all over the country. The feedback also provides details on which activities have the highest success rates, and based on this information, we dissect the dating habits of this city (with a few quips and/or qualms) below.

When it comes to drinks...

In Philly, wine was the resounding drink of choice with 53.9 percent of singles opting for a nice glass of red or white. Beer was second in spirits at 31.4% and liquor surprisingly registered at a mere 14.8%. Maybe those cool speakeasy-style bars aren't exactly the most popular date spots, although we like to think otherwise. However, Philly ranks No. 2 among cities with the highest percentage of drinking dates, only to be overshadowed by New York. The data also shows that the city's most popular spirit is tequila, with seven times more consumption than the average amount.

A tip: It's proven that mentioning a specific type of alcohol gets three times as many responses than the mundane, "Hey, let's grab a drink." So next time you suggest a date that involves drinking, be direct and say, "Margs at El Vez?" Okay? Great.

BYOBs are boss

Philly also ranks No. 2 among cities with the highest percentage of dining dates, and the magic phrase in this town is "BYOB." It turns out that suggesting dinner at a BYOB has the highest response rate among dining dates in our city. Click here for options.

Overall data involving dining reveals that those who live along the West Coast are big on brunch and breakfast dates, while the East Coast prefers dessert. So mosey on over to Max Brenner for a hug mug, and perhaps, *a hug.*

Stay fit, be active, look good together

Alas, the City of Brotherly Love does not even rank among cities with the highest percentage of sports/fitness related dates. In fact, the East Coast does not fare well with fitness dates.

We get it, it's winter. Most of us are confined indoors when it comes to our fitness regimens. Once spring hits - playing tennis, biking, hiking - these are all outdoor options for a more beautiful you, Philadelphia.

Get cultural

We've always considered Philly as a creative cultural hub, which is why we were shocked that the city did not even rank among the top ten in highest percentage of cultural dates! There are so many opportunities here in this city: Ogling the illustrious Renoir paintings at the Barnes, attending an author appearance at the Free Library, or catching the Prohibition exhibit at the Constitution Center. Get creative, like New Yorkers, who were No. 1 in this category: The Jim Henson exhibit was listed as the Big Apple's most popular museum date.

Share your interests and give back to the community

Dates involving volunteering have a higher response rate than any other suggestion, but they account for a smaller percentage overall on HowAboutWe. Although Philly was nowhere to be found on this list, the other Pennsylvania city (Pittsburgh) ranked No. 7 among cities with the highest percentage of volunteering dates. Interestingly enough, dates involving community service spike in the winter. We're one week into 2013 and guess what? It's winter. Start here.

Coffee shop guy? Meet coffee shop girl

Starbucks, Tully's, Seattle's Best. The seaport town in the Northwest presumably took the top spot among cities with the highest percentage of coffee or tea dates. Portland was next, and Pittsburgh came in at No. 3. After all, there's something chic, romantic and oh-so-European about a coffee date, despite the East Coast stigma of it being "boring."

A coffee date is four times more likely to be successful if it's paired with an activity. So here's a helpful idea: Sip your latte, converse like two intelligent people without the crutch of alcohol, and walk around a new neighborhood or "nook" as we like to call it.

Learn something

Educational dates can be fun! Take cooking classes, learn to brew beer, consider language courses or dance lessons. Again, Philly did not make the list of cities with the highest percentage of educational dates, but not to worry: The Daily News released a roundup on Tuesday of local classes to consider taking in 2013. Venture out, learn something new, whether it's with someone else or on your own!

As for the most popular date spots around town:

1. Philadelphia Museum of Art
2. World Cafe Live
3. The Zoo
4. Rittenhouse Square
5. Reading Terminal Market

This year, we challenge you to diverge from what's comfortable. Make new friends, set those dates and enjoy spending time with others.