The ‘You’re So Vain’ mystery? Taylor Swift knows the secret

Taylor Swift performs at Lincoln Financial Field during the first of two nights of concerts Friday. The singer's appearance is part of her Red Tour. (ED HILLE / Staff Photographer)

It makes sense. “You’re So Vain” is probably the greatest Taylor Swift song she never wrote. Carly Simon did and had a huge hit with it in 1973. It’s about a self-absorbed former lover. Right in Taylor’s wheelhouse.

So over the weekend while performing at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA., Swift lured Simon onto the stage to duet on one of pop’s most familiar and intriguing ditties.

Of course, Simon never revealed the identity of who it was about. Explicitly anyway. Over the years, she has dropped clues, such as the fact that his name contains the letters A, R and E. That lets out Nick Nolte, David Cassidy and gay record label chief David Geffen, all of whom were mentioned as candidates at one time or another.

But it leaves the more likely – and by far the most cited – subjects still in the running: Mick Jagger and Warren Beatty.

As you can see in this backstage clip from MTV, Simon sez she revealed the secret to Swift. Although we have to say, Taylor seems pretty puzzled at the news. Maybe she’s already forgotten. Or maybe she has no idea who Carly was referring to. It was a long time before she was born.

It just occured to us, if Taylor Swift married Carly's ex, James Taylor (another A, R, E name), she'd be Taylor Taylor.

Errbody sing, “You walked into the party…”




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