Thursday, April 17, 2014
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New app removes all traces of millennials from your web browser forever

2013 was “the year of” plenty of things, but if nothing else, it belonged to the millennial generation. Described alternately as the “screwed generation” and our only hope, millennials dominated last year’s headlines, Americans aged 18 to 34 cropping up everywhere where there was news. No wonder we’re tired of them. 

Now, we can strike back against the millennial scourge. And in the best way possible: by removing Millennials from the internet.

OK, perhaps not literally. But Zeke Weeks' new app, Millennials Begone!, does remove the word “millennial” itself from headlines, article copy, and the like. But not only does Weeks’ app remove “millennial” from your online life—it replaces it with “Pesky whipper snappers,” which, to be fair, is what we all mean anyway. Take that, lazy headline writers of the internet.

So, sure, millennials might be pushing humanity toward a fast-approaching and inevitable apocalypse, but at least you won’t have to read about it. It’s time the trend piece writers moved on to something else, fun as millennial bashing is.

Because, really, the only thing worse than a millennial is someone willing to pigeonhole an entire generation worth of people. Install “Millennials Begone!” here


Nick Vadala
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