Savannah, 12, describes herself as affectionate, relaxed, and creative. Her favorite pastimes include crafts, spending time with her friends, going to movies, and watching television, especially the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon.

Her favorite color is pink, and she incorporates it into her outfits as much as possible. She delights in being the center of attention.

Savannah is very helpful in her foster home and takes great pride in keeping her room clean and assisting her caretakers in cleaning the common areas.

If Savannah had three wishes, they would be to see her sister more often, to be adopted, and to excel in her future endeavors. Savannah has experienced many losses in her life and yearns to have a loving, affectionate permanent family, one that is patient and kind. The family could be a couple or single mother.

Savannah is happiest when she is with her sister Sierra, 13, and they would love to be adopted together. (Sierra was profiled last week.)

Savannah, Sierra, and other children are available for adoption. For information, contact Dominique McFadden at the National Adoption Center.


A credit on federal taxes is available for families adopting. This tax year, adopting families can claim up to $13,570 for each child. Qualified expenses include adoption fees, attorney fees, court costs, and travel expenses.