Tysean is a friendly and outgoing 12-year-old who gets along well with others and loves meeting new people. Tysean finds joy in anything he participates in.

He especially loves basketball and diligently practices each day. He is a member of a special-needs team and dreams of a career in the sport when he grows up.

He also enjoys track and field and soccer. Other favorite pastimes include arts and crafts. He is learning to ride a bike.

An animal lover, Tysean helps care for the dog in his foster home. He also enjoys taking part in a horseback-riding program where he learns how to care for the horses. If he could do anything he wanted for a day, a trip to the zoo would head the list.

Diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Tysean attends a special school where he benefits from speech, occupational, and physical therapy. He takes pride in completing any task at hand.

Tysean needs a forever family that would provide the care he needs in order to reach his potential. He would love to have a family that is active and would play basketball with him. Hopefully, there would be pets and other children in the home.

Tysean and other children are available for adoption. For information, contact Taylor Rotolo at the National Adoption Center.