In 2016, brows are big

It's that time again: New Year's resolutions are in full effect.

And in between vowing to eat right, work out more, get sufficient sleep, and keep a calendar, who has time to maintain a new beauty regimen?

The good news is, you won't have to. Just commit to your eyebrows.

"A strong, chiseled brow is a very important beauty statement," said Karen Grant, senior global analyst and vice president of beauty at the NPD Group.

In other words, brows frame the face.

Did your overtweezing in the '90s leave your brows sad, sad, sad? No worries. You can still achieve the full yet perfectly arched brows of Cara Delevingne and Kylie Jenner, or the more polished versions on actress Gabrielle Union.

A proliferation of DIY brow products - from Benefit Cosmetics to Anastasia, a Beverly Hills eyebrow bar with makeup on the market - has meant more purchases.

In the last two years, sales of prestige brow makeup - pencils, colored gels, and waxes, as well as powders specifically for eyebrows - have nearly doubled, from $141.6 million in the 12 months ending November 2013 to $277.7 million in the year ending in November, according to the NPD Group.

Lacking a steady hand? Turn to the professionals. Threading and waxing are options, but more permanent techniques can ensure we remain selfie-ready.

3D eyebrow embroidery

What is it? Get the illusion of tiny hairs with semipermanent makeup applied with needles. (Note: This is not a tattoo, as it is performed only on the skin surface; tattoos penetrate four to five layers below.)

Who is it for? Anyone who has had hair loss from alopecia or chemotherapy - or any woman searching for the perfect brow.

How is it done? The two-hour process starts with mapping out the ideal brow. That can include filling in spots or creating a whole new eyebrow.

After the mapping, the brow area is numbed with a topical anesthetic. Using a hand tool that looks like tweezers but is actually 12 micro-needles, a licensed beauty professional makes tiny strokes to create the design.

Made primarily of water and a vegetable-based dye, the makeup is custom-blended to create hues ranging from the lightest of blonds to the deepest of brunettes.

In three to five days, the dark color begins to fade. After a month, you have to return for another application, which sets it.

How long do results last? Depends on your skin type; on oily skin, the embroidery lasts nine to 18 months, but on drier skin, it can last from 18 months to two years.

Cost: $600

Where can you get it? Ursula's About Phace, 1700 Sansom St., Suite 201, 215-557-1562,

Eyebrow extensions

What is it? Tiny slivers of synthetic mink hair are attached to existing eyebrows or directly to the skin with a medical-grade adhesive that creates a thicker, fuller brow. Similar to the results of 3D embroidery, the brows look natural but may need to be filled in daily with pencil.

Who is it for? Anyone who has overtweezed and is left with what appears to be half an eyebrow.

How is it done? An aesthetician cleans the area, removing any oil, then shapes and tweezes the brow. Millimeter-size hair is attached using long tweezers with a curved tip, following the existing growth pattern. The process takes about 90 minutes, depending on how much brow needs to be recreated.

How long do results last? One to three weeks.

Cost: $65 for a partial, and up to $130 for a full brow.

Where can you get it? Suede Salon & Spa, the Promenade, 500 Route 73, 856-985-0700,

Tinting and brow shaping

What is it? A 30-minute brow shaping with the help of a tint to amp up the color. With the tinting, the look of a shaped brow lasts longer because the pigment fills in brows that are lighter or even - gasp - grayer.

Who is it for? Anyone who needs a quick fix for brow issues.

How is it done? First, the brows are tinted with a vegetable dye that's safe for use around the eyes. Then the tweezing and sculpting begins.

How long do results last? About a month.

Cost: $20 for shaping, $24 for tinting.

Where can you get it? Suede Salon & Spa, the Promenade, 500 Route 73, 856-985-0700,