Why is it so hard to admit being wrong?


Susan Udy (city unknown) writes:

Could you please reprint the question and answer about why it’s so hard for people to admit they’re wrong?

Marilyn responds:

Here it is:

Larry Futrell in Westland, Mich., wrote, “Why do you think it is so hard for people to admit they’re wrong?”

I replied, “In general, I think that the less self-confidence you have, the harder it is to admit you’re wrong. It shakes your faith in yourself, and that’s understandable. When we’re young, this is compounded with a fear of embarrassment—we want to impress our peers. As we get older, another complication arises, and it’s even worse. Mistakes may become long-standing. When they do, they get harder and harder even to realize, let alone to admit.”