Saturday, August 23, 2014
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What are women doing in men's dressing rooms?

Since when has it been considered OK for women to be in men´s dressing rooms in department stores?
Since when has it been considered OK for women to be in men's dressing rooms in department stores?

DEAR ABBY: Since when has it been considered OK for women to be in men's dressing rooms in department stores? I'm not a prude. Still, I am disturbed when I come out of the smaller booth and find women hanging around in the dressing room.

In many cases, I have heard women actually in the booths with men who are getting dressed, giggling - or, even more annoying, shouting out orders about sizes, styles, etc. Men are not allowed in women's dressing rooms.

When I have expressed my concern to salesclerks, they look at me like I'm crazy.

- Civilized Shopper

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    DEAR SHOPPER: I don't know how long it has been between shopping trips for you, but your thinking is outdated. Today some stores have unisex dressing rooms, and men's and women's departments employ both male and female sales associates. It is not unusual for couples to shop together - and if something doesn't fit, for the spouse to go and find something in the correct size.

    While you may not be the only one who thinks women don't belong in men's dressing rooms, I believe you are in the minority.


    DEAR ABBY: I'm a 46-year-old female cancer survivor. Because of the high-dose chemotherapy and radiation to treat my lymphoma, I lost all my hair. It has grown back, but it's thin, spotty and ugly. Recently I started wearing a wig. It is natural-looking and stylish. I get lots of compliments on the cut and color.

    My question is: When people ask who my stylist is, I'm not sure how to answer. I don't want to reveal my secret. What would you do?

    - Under the Rug in California

    DEAR UNDER THE RUG: Talk to the person who styles your wig for you and explain that you are receiving many compliments. Ask if you can refer other clients - but express that if you do, you would like the fact that you wear a wig kept strictly confidential.

    That's how I'd handle it. Hairdressers are privy to secrets of all kinds, and they're very good at keeping them (with rare exceptions).

    Dear Abby
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