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Send a secret message

McCLATCHY-TRIBUNE Send a secret message this National Craft Month with this foam door tag.
McCLATCHY-TRIBUNE Send a secret message this National Craft Month with this foam door tag.

THE MONTH OF MARCH always brings changes as spring, long-awaited and much-anticipated, arrived March 20. Hopefully, it will bring warmer weather along with it, too.

But March is also National Craft Month, when craft and hobby retailers around the country attempt to introduce new people to the wonderful world of creativity each year.

Many adults already know that nothing is quite as satisfying as making something with your own hands. But according to research by the Craft and Hobby Association, children who craft benefit. Crafting teaches children new skills, which in turn helps them build self-esteem and may even reduce stress. Gee, you could think of it as a day at a spa for the spirit!

Craft and hobby retailers throughout the country are participating in National Craft Month by offering events to encourage you to get creative. To find out what's going on in your area, call your local craft store or visit craftplace.org for additional information.

Bev Hanlon of Pat Catan's craft store in Akron, Ohio, offered me directions for this secret-message door hanger. The craft is appropriate for children of all ages and features precut foam shapes by Darice Inc. Kids can personalize them by developing their own decorating themes.

Supplies you will need

* 1 3-inch-by-9 1/2-inch foam door hanger

* Six foam gift tags

* Foam glue or Tacky glue

* 3 paper fasteners

* Paper punch

* Various foam shapes, stickers, buttons, ribbons, etc., for decoration

* Marking pen

How to make it

Align two gift tags on top of one another. Using a paper punch, make a hole about 1/2-inch in from the short edge in the center. Repeat with the remaining tags.

Line the edges of each of the tags with the edge of the hanger. Try to space them equally from one another. Make a mark on the hanger at the holes and punch out a hole at the mark.

Place paper fasteners through the holes and spread the ends apart in the back. Loosely anchor the tags to the door hanger. Repeat with the other sets of tags.

Decorate the front of each gift tag with foam shapes, stickers or markers. Write a secret message on each of the bottom tags.

Your messages will be secret if you keep the tags together. Reveal your message by sliding the tops of the tags around to the outside.

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