How to dress: Stylish museum weekend

It's no surprise that Philadelphia's "Artsy" crowd is taking over the parkway.  I might be a design and aesthetically obsessed (borderline OCD) freak, although, I need some schooling on the fabulous museum section that is growing in our vibrant city. 

Most of us have visited the Philadelphia Museum of Art at least once in our lives, usually dragged via school trip. The Art Museum is one of the coolest, considering it has something for everyone's interets.  The armor room is "sick" and there are plenty of old world fashion exhibits to gawk over.  This week, throw your frames on an ante-up your brain cells for some Matisse, Manet, and Monet.

Don't make the mistake my art buddy Ian and I made by going to the The Rodin and The Barnes Foundation on a Tuesday, considering it's the only day they're closed.  Conveniently, everything is in walking distance.  All the museums in Philadelphia have plenty of fashionable, ongoing exhibitions to check out. Currently, Ronaldus Shamask: Form, Fashion, Reflection is being hosted at The Philadelphia Museum of Art til March 6th.  

Being surrounded by beautiful art will inspire you to dress the part. You are going to notice a Dries Van Noten obsession with me soon. His trademark eclectic designs are ever so luxe and always thoroughly researched.  This fall, be inspired by silk prints, kimonos and mens-weary pantsuits.  Incorporate your utilitarian jackets and blazers for a dash of masculinity; it's important to piece them with past and present trends.  Consider it a fabulous way to save since it's never in-style to be too trendy.  Always stick to your guns and keep in mind, "if it ain't broke don't fix it."

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