Sunday, April 19, 2015


Etiquette expert Rosalinda Oropeza Randall talked about workplace issues, such as how to sidetrack a "too personal" question and how to deal with attraction in the workplace.
When you’re off work, you might not be thinking about building your career, but the activities you pursue in your free time can help you get ahead professionally, as well.
Have you ever sat in a meeting, squirming because you disagreed but were afraid to say so?
Our team is getting confused and discouraged. How do you work for someone who is a complete space cadet?
Some folks on my team are having trouble getting along — it’s a mix of generational, religious and political differences. I need them to work together effectively. What can I do?
I think most of us fear the words “I,” “don’t” and “know.”
If you’re offered a promotion to manager, you might be tempted to shout, “Yes!” with visions of bigger paychecks and more power dancing in your head. But not everyone has the qualities of a good manager and not everyone would enjoy being in a management role.
I met human resource professional Amy Dinning years ago when I spent 60 days profiling one unemployed person after another. At the time, Dinning was working as a contract professional in what is becoming an increasingly common way of work for professionals who lose their full time jobs. When we met then, we sat and talked at her kitchen table about the instability of the world of contract work.
Company wellness and weight control programs sound like a good idea, but are they good business?
Many things can happen to make you look for a lower-level job.
Donor attraction and growth, Naomi L. Adler, will be one way that she'll know that her efforts to rebuild the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia are succeeding, she told me during our Leadership Agenda interview published in Monday's Philadelphia Inquirer. There has been a lot written about the organization's troubles, but said Adler, the new chief executive, those articles underestimate the amount of loyalty the federation commands, even in its tough times.
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