Tuesday, May 5, 2015

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(TNS) Q: The leading candidate for our executive secretary position wore an extremely low-cut top with overflowing cleavage to her second interview...
It's got to be tough to the chief executive of a company that prides itself on helping other companies help their employees achieve full potential in line with company strategies. Setting a good example is key. So, imagine how it would feel for someone like Stephen Kaye, chief executive of the Hay Group, to discover that Hay's own employees weren't 100 percent in line with changes he made in the organization when he took over the helm in March 2013.
(TNS) PITTSBURGH — Bill Katz’s Squirrel Hill home is adorned with mementos from his travels: a silk screen from China in the living room...
Growing up in Ghana, Mary Spio didn’t know what an engineer was — but she was the kid who tore radios apart, always asking how they worked.
One does not become America’s most-beloved workplace advice columnist without learning to function under extreme pressure.
Have you noticed all the “now hiring” signs plastering retail windows?
It’s bound to happen eventually: You’ll get into an argument with someone at work, whether it’s over a project, a lost stapler or a parking spot.
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