Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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When was the last time you worked a 40-hour week? Thought so.
Dressing for work when it's hot outside can be a challenge but you can create a summer wardrobe that's comfortable and professional.
It's probably pretty easy to be an employee-owned company, or ESOP, when times are good, but what happens during a recession, when the people being let go are the company's owners?
After Fred Wallace was laid off from a high-paying job in 2011, the 56-year-old knew the odds of landing a comparable position were slim.
If it seems like employers don't trust employees – well, they don't.
Who owns Modern Group Ltd? The employees do -- 100 percent.
By his own admission, for many years Cyrus Napolitano's mental illness – bipolar disorder – did not make him an ideal employee.
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