Wednesday, October 1, 2014
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Performance reviews are stressful for everyone involved. Managers don’t relish critiquing their employees, and staff members rarely enjoy the added scrutiny.
"If I have a tie, and I get a spot on it, it’s like I have to get this fixed right now because the world is looking at me."
Nearly a decade ago, Marine Lance Cpl. Kyle Anderson, a can-do guy out of suburban St. Paul, Minn., who was a state high school wrestling champion, was decorated for pulling a wounded buddy out of the line of fire in Iraq.
Q: For one reason or another, I've started a couple of new jobs in the past few years and now am landing in one that I hope will work long term.
If I ever decide to move to a different job – perhaps to pursue my dream of becoming a member of the rap collective Wu-Tang Clan – I have a detailed exit strategy prepared.
If you’re looking for a new job, you’ll want to have your “toolkit” stocked with the essentials – these seven pieces are key in creating the most efficient and effective job search possible.
A woman spends years building her career. Then family becomes her new priority, so she steps out of her high-powered job to raise children. What happens...
Whitney Williams was inspecting rows of books she had sorted, priced, and neatly arranged on a shelf at the Goodwill store in Lansdowne when a shopper stopped to ask her a question.
If you’re being called in for interviews but can’t quite seem to land a job, it’s time to take a look at what might be holding you back.
Q: One of my co-workers makes me very nervous. I was hired four years ago after "Dennis" convinced management that he needed additional help. Dennis has worked here for 18 years and is responsible for tracking complex projects.
As you prepare to start your new job, don’t leave essential perks on the table.
The nation may still be debating the NFL's handling of Baltimore Ravens' running back Ray Rice's domestic troubles, but the message the incident has sent is clear – messing up in your private life can get you fired.
When I envision the workplace of the future, it looks a lot like my couch, only with several soft-serve ice-cream machines attached and a rather handsome (though not more handsome than I am) robot doing my work.
You've submitted the resume, now what? Here are some tips to get the attention of a potential employer.
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