Sunday, December 21, 2014


You may have what you think is a good reason to skip lunch — you’re in the middle of a project or you don’t want to interrupt your workflow, for example.
Whatever your opinion of the office holiday party… love it or hate it… if you are planning on attending your own, (or your significant other’s) you might want to read this list of ‘don’ts’.
The list of Terrible Workplace Ideas is long and storied and includes a wide array of soul-devouring activities, from team-building exercises and lunch-and-learns to Hawaiian shirt Friday and Bring Your Ferret to Work Day. (I may have made that last one up.)
Women: Have an office holiday party coming up? Here are some tips on how to dress.
Doug Reinhard (not his real name) still remembers the look on his boss’ face as he got hit in the forehead with a Nerf dart, shot by a co-worker at a holiday office party.
CHICAGO – Tony Robbins, who launched a self-improvement empire with his once-ubiquitous infomercials, has made fire-walking a staple of his empowerment seminars for decades..
I worked for years as a waitress - and thought I would sling hash until I crept into my grave.
No matter how forward-looking or agile companies aim to be, workplaces don't look on failure kindly. Yet anyone who wants to innovate knows that there's a risk that things won't go as planned.
There are those who semi-retire. Those who just never retire. And then there's Bill Simpkin.
Google, Facebook and Apple all placed in Glassdoor's seventh annual list of the 50 best companies to work for in the U.S. Mike Janela (@mikejanela) has more.
If you want to score a job interview, your resume needs to make you look capable, skillful and excited to work.
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