Friday, October 31, 2014
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Q: Despite having a good salary, I believe I'm not being fairly compensated.
Has the idea of 65 or so as the traditional retirement age become outdated?
For the first time since 2010, participation in workplace-based retirement plans grew in 2013, the Employee Benefit Research Institute reported Monday.
With family obligations, bills to pay, and trying to be successful at work, there are enough things going in your life that you have to worry about. Why add more if you don’t have to?
Here's what makes being a union leader different from being a leader in other businesses. You can be voted out. Imagine being able to vote out your boss! Interesting, right? That's what happened to Willie Brown, head of the union that represents SEPTA's bus drivers, cashiers, mechanics, trolley and subway operators. He's now on his second stint as president, after having been voted out of office in 2010. In our Leadership Agenda interview, published in Monday's Philadelphia Inquirer, Brown told me what that was like.
Would you ever give an excuse as absurd as one of these?
It has been a rough two years for Scott Smith of National Park since he lost his job in manufacturing. However, he remained optimistic Tuesday alongside the other hopeful candidates who filled the Collingswood Grand Ballroom at the Camden County Job Fair.
There was quite a buzz when the Microsoft CEO suggested that karma will reward women who don't ask for raises. Appropriately chastised, he apologized and national attention moved on.
PITTSBURGH – Most women business owners are confident their sales will rise or at least stay the same this year, but don't look for them to bulk up their payrolls.
Q: Last week, a colleague called me to complain about a new program that I started.
Q: I'm heading a company task force to introduce some wellness programs.
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