Tuesday, September 16, 2014
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WASHINGTON – Chris Fering has had what a savvy resume might describe as an eclectic and peripatetic career.
In Texas, there were 90 fatal injuries on the job in 2013.
If you’re hoping to earn more money this year, you need to do more than hope. It can take a lot of work to earn a raise, and it’s difficult to guarantee success.
Men dominate corporate hierarchy. Here are a few reasons:
Q: My problem involves the smokers who gather in front of our office.
Research shows that saying "thank you" is very powerful in the workplace, but only 50 percent of people express gratitude in the office.
Technology killed the switchboard operator, the lamp lighter and the ice cutter.
The National Football League has enormous power in this country, and it's good to see the season starting with that power pushing in a positive direction.
Take a minute and think about the following questions.
Jim Padovano was immediately drawn to the operating room when he got a chance as a young man to watch open-heart surgery.
Your cover letter is typically the first impression you make with the hiring manager, so you’ll want to put in the effort necessary to get it right.
Among the lowest forms of life on the planet are scam artists who prey on job hunters.
The days after Labor Day seem an appropriate time to think about work. Not so much the stresses and drags of it all, but the actual things we do as working people.
Nominations are open for Philly.com's annual Top Workplaces survey, and any organization (private, nonprofit, or government) with 50 or more employees in the Philadelphia region can participate.
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