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Vote for President by Ward
Updated: APRIL 27, 2016 — 5:56 AM EDT

Hillary Clinton handily defeated Bernie Sanders in Philadelphia, winning 63 percent of the vote, and 59 of the city's 66 wards. Clinton received overwhelming support from African American voters; the 10 wards with the highest percentages of black residents gave her 94 percent of the vote. Sanders won some of the city's more liberal wards in University City, Fishtown and Port Richmond, Manayunk and Roxborough, and parts of South Philadelphia.

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Donald Trump won 57 percent of the Republican vote, with John Kasich — who won wards in Center City, University City, and Chestnut Hill and Mount Airy — finishing second. But Republicans cast only 44,000 votes citywide, compared with 340,000 votes from Democrats. Fewer than 100 Republicans voted in 21 of the city's wards; in the 50th ward, Democrats outnumbered Republicans 9,617 to 85.

SOURCE: Philadelphia City Commissioners

The Philadelphia Inquirer