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Winning $7.68 Million on a Pair of 10s

Joe McKeehen of North Wales maintained a significant lead throughout the World Series of Poker finals, and ousted Marlton’s Joshua Beckley on Tuesday night to win the $7.68 million top prize. In Texas Hold ’Em, each player receives two cards face down (the “hole”), and builds the best hand he can from five community cards dealt in three stages (three cards in the “flop,” one in the “turn,” and one in the “river”). Here’s a look at the final hand:

The hole cards

Beckley goes all-in after receiving a pair of fours. McKeehen calls, holding ace-10. Since Beckley has gone all-in, ending the betting, both players reveal their hole cards.

The flop

The dealer reveals the three cards in the flop. The 10 of clubs gives McKeehen a pair of 10s, giving him the higher hand.

The turn

The addition of a five of diamonds doesn’t improve either player’s hand. The only way Beckley survives now is if the last card is a four.

The river

Beckley’s third four doesn’t come, and McKeehen wins the final hand.

SOURCES: World Series of Poker; ESPN

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