Les Bowen | The pick

I'M THINKING the Eagles are a better team than the Giants, even though you have to wonder which Eagles offense you'll see this week, and what Eli Manning and Plaxico Burress will be able to do to an Eagles secondary that looked pretty vulnerable when sitting on a huge lead against Detroit. (Brian Dawkins, who seems more likely to play this week, might be able to change that at least a little.)

The fact that Andy Reid's teams have lost five of their last six going into the bye definitely is a concern.

All indications are that Brian Westbrook intends to play with that abdominal strain, although there's no way to predict how effective he'll be.

What the heck, let's not overthink this. Given a reasonable facsimile of Westbrook, the Birds should be able to get to 2-2.


Eagles 27, Giants 21. *