Vick likes Philly eats

Michael Vick could have gone anywhere – he’s a free man, you know – but the Eagles quarterback decided to stay in Philly during his week off.

Last week, Andy Reid said that he wanted Vick to get away from football during the bye week and “freshen up.” Vick has been under the constant glare of the media, in case you haven’t noticed, and Reid felt the time off would benefit his prized acquisition.

On Monday, Vick said that he used the break to work on his conditioning and losing weight. He said he now weighs 212 pounds and is hoping to trim off four more pounds to get back to his 2006 playing weight of 208 pounds.

“I was just able to get away [from football], clear my mind, dropped a couple pounds to get back down to my fighting weight,” Vick said. “I feel good now. My legs are fresh and I’m ready to go.”

Now that Donovan McNabb is back, Vick isn’t exactly sure how and how often he’ll be implemented into the offense. McNabb has said before that he thinks too much of the ‘Wildcat’ affects the flow of the offense.

“I think that’s up to the coaches what my role is going to be,” Vick said. “Whatever it may be, I’m receptive.”

Still, Vick admits that not starting has been and will continue to be an inner struggle.

“I don’t want to say it’s not hard,” he said. “I will say that it’s been a challenge, but I also knew that coming in. My job and what I told myself was that I was coming in to help this team win by any means necessary. ... My time will come in the future. I’m still a young guy and hopefully I get another opportunity in this league.”

According to some rumors, that could come sooner rather than later. Because of the three's-a-crowd situation at quarterback -- with McNabb, Vick and Kevin Kolb -- some believe that Vick is on the market.

“I’m focused on helping this team win and that’s first priority,” Vick said. “So I don’t even listen to that stuff because it’s all talk. I’m happy to be here and I’m a Philadelphia Eagle.”

Vick, apparently, is also happy to be a Philadelphian – at least temporarily. Rather than spend last week in Atlanta, where he still technically owns a home, or in his hometown of Newport News, Va., Vick stayed in Philly. There were rumors that he purchased a condo off of Delaware Ave., but Vick said that is not where he lives. He wouldn’t divulge the location.

Vick was asked what his favorite thing about the city was thus far.

“There are so many good places to eat,” said Vick, who has been spotted at various eateries.

His favorite restaurant? Capital Grille.