Portis: McNabb has something to prove

Donovan McNabb works out with his new Redskins teammates. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)

With a new general manager, a new coach and a new quarterback, the Washington Redskins were feeling good about themselves as they completed a weekend minicamp in advance of the NFL draft.

"We’re not looking at him as a savior or anything like that, but it’s hard not to trust the guy,” veteran center Casey Rabach said.

And then this from running back Clinton Portis: "I was trying to figure out if Donovan had played in this system before. He came in with the terminology; he’s already making checks and readjusting receivers’ routes. He looked good ... It’s different. You got a proven guy in Donovan who had been outcast and feels as if he has something to prove, and he’s here. I think everyone on this roster feels the same way.”

McNabb has been in Washington since the trade and is planning to return home to Arizona for a week. He will then return to Washington for a minicamp that begins May 7.

As for McNabb's thoughts about working out with his new teammates for the first time:

“It was fun," he said. "I used it as a mental weekend of being able to get accustomed in the offense, working with the guys to make sure we focus a lot on chemistry and timing. Communication and patience is very important in this offense. A weekend like this is important for us and hopefully we can benefit from it.”

On being new to the Redskins:“The guys are very welcoming and I try to display great work ethic by studying and watching film and also training with these guys. For our beginning stage, at this first mini-camp, I think it was beneficial for us to get out here and move around and get adjusted to each other. All of us feel like we’re just starting class and learning a new system, but it’s fun. It’s fun to think that we’ve shown signs in this camp of a lot of positive plays, both running and passing. It makes it more exciting each time we step out on the field.”

On having a new offense to work with: “It’s a change. I’ve been looking back for years seeing [Brian] Westbrook doing everything. Now I have three running backs who have been very effective on their given teams who have now come together to add one force and they all present different things. We’re all learning together and these guys have shown signs of running as well as catching the ball and they’re picking up the blitz in this offense.”

On how he is adjusting to a new team: “I’m getting adjusted. That takes time. As far as the football aspect is concerned, I’ve gotten comfortable and settled in. Everything else will just take its course as this continues on. You’ve got to be patient and take one day at a time. I’m just enjoying myself and looking forward to what we really can do in the next couple of camps and training camp.”


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