Oops! Road sign gaffe is a laugher

Excuuuuse you, PennDOT.

It was dubious enough for Lancaster County to have towns that really are named Intercourse, Blue Ball and Bird-in-Hand.

But last week, on Route 222 South, a new sign on went up giving the town of Ephrata a new spelling:


As if drivers don't worry enough about gas, passing lanes, and exhaust pipe emissions.

Then again, supporters of the fracking of natural gas say it's caused an economic boom in Pennsylvania.

You could say that the report by WGAL 8 of Lancaster gives redefines the term "news release."

See video: "Sign goof has drivers laughing."

The town has a fairly dignified image, with a name that goes back to Biblical times and historic sites, including a famed religious cloister founded in the early 1700s.

PennDOT tried to clear the air by explaining to WGAL that it was just an honest mistake, although replacing the sign will cost an embarrassing $800 to $1,200.

And then there will Beano more lame jokes.

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