Milton Street, Neil Stein named among top business tax delinquents

Neil H. Stein, left, and Milton T. Street

The names of Neil H. Stein, the famed restauranteur and the former mayor's brother. Milton T. Street, are on a list of top business tax delinquents just posted on the city's web site. (Scroll down to read the document.) A press conference is starting. The list is of court judgments of more than $50,000.

The fact that both men owe money is no surprise. They both have been prosecuted for failing to pay federal taxes.

Stein is down as owing $1.26 million to the city, and Street as owing $383,000.


How much of the $27 million owed will the city be able to collect?

Street has been sentenced to 30 months in jail for failing to file federal tax returns or pay taxes on $3 million in income.

And Stein served 10 months on federal tax charges. He is now back in the restaurant business.

They are among the top tax delinquents who owe a total of $27 million, according to the city.

Number one on the list is The Nelson Medical Group, and an officer, Gregory A. Nelson. His firm has a judgment against it of $2.429 million, according to the city.




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