Council names seven streets after slain officers


Seven Police officers killed in the line of duty will have their names memorialized on city streets, as City Council approved resolutions this morning changing the names of streets on the blocks where the fallen officers lived and died.

 The officers honored were: Gary Skerski, Patrick McDonald, Isabel Nazario, Chuck Cassidy, Stephen Liczbinski, Lauretha Vaird, and Walter Barclay. Their names and badge numbers will be on signs placed above the existing streets; the names on the city map won't actually change, nor will addresses on those blocks.

After the ceremony, Officer Maritza Mohamad said it was an honor for not just her sister, Isabel Nazario, but for all fallen officers.

Judy Cassidy, wife of Chuck Cassidy said anything done to preserve the officers' memories was positive, but also seeing her husband's name on the street sign each day would bring his death home.

"It does make it hard - it will make it real," she said.

The following is a list of the blocks included:

Police Officer Gary Skerski – Badge #7379
Home: 3300 Block of Almond Street
Incident: intersection of Castor Avenue & Arrott Street

Police Officer Walter Barclay – Badge #1410
Home: 4000 Block of Mitchell Street
Incident: intersection of 5th Street & 66th Avenue

Police Officer Charles Cassidy – Badge #2342
Home: 2700 Block of Willits Road
Incident: intersection of 66th Avenue & N. Broad Street

Sergeant Stephen Liczbinski – Badge #486
Home: 7400 Block of Claridge Street
Incident: intersection of Almond & Schiller Streets

Police Officer Isabel Nazario – Badge #6341
Home: 330 Block of Welsh Road
Incident: intersection of 39th & Wallace Streets

Sergeant Patrick McDonald – Badge #2831
Home: 3600 Block of Whitehall Lane
Incident: intersection of North 17th & Dauphin Streets

Police Officer Lauretha Vaird – Badge #5897
Home: 1600 Block of Widener Place
Incident: Rising Sun Avenue & Wyoming

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