Council and Nutter still going at it - in secret meeting

So it's nearing 7:30 p.m., which means it has been nearly three hours that Mayor Nutter has been holed up all 17 members of City Council (Jim Kenney was the first to depart, a little while ago). Reporters are still barricaded from the meeting, which is taking place not in City Hall but across the street on the 14th floor of the Municipal Services Building.

But enough about that.

Here's real news, courtesy reporter Jeff Shields, pacing patiently on the 14th floor hallway.

The man assigned to block entry by uncooperative reporters is carlton Calhoun, a sergeant and supervisor for Scotland yard Security. Standing 6-feet and 305 pounds, Calhoun is starting right guard for the Philadelphia Panthers, the city's semi-professional football team. He's not sure if he's getting overtime or comp time for this last-minute assignment.

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