300-lb. shark jumps in boat off New Jersey coast

A 300-pound, 8-foot long mako shark leaped into a boat piloted by two anglers off Manasquan on the New Jersey coast and started gobbling up anything in its path including a broomstick and cushions, according to a news report.

Clint Simek, of Brielle, and Tom Rostron Jr., of Wall, told the Asbury Park Press that they were on the boat, the TNT, on June 4 scouting an area of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast for an upcoming fishing tournament.

"At 3:30, this big thing comes into the slick," Simek told the newspaper. Rostron said the shark glided next to the boat. The shark jumped several times before landing in the boat and thrashing about for about 25 seconds before they could hook it.

The shark was actually 8-foot-4 inches and occupied most of the 9-foot wide bow. The anglers had to lash it to the bow. It died after about two hours.