Harry Gross: Can't find this guy? Try the Internet

DEAR HARRY: I was born in the Philippines. Twelve years ago, I married an American citizen in my country, and we lived together for a short time. We have been separated since 2002. I saw him last in 2007 when he came to see me in Manila. He was suffering from diabetes and very high cholesterol. He came back to the States, and I have not heard from him or about him since then. His last known address got me nowhere. I have no idea who his friends are or where his family lives. Harry, I need to know if he's still alive. We never had children, so there's no help there. Please guide me.


WHAT HARRY SAYS: If your need is of an emergency nature, the Social Security Administration will forward a letter to its last known address for him. Otherwise, your best bet is the Internet. You got to the Daily News (15,000 miles away) through the Internet, so you can readily get some help by using your computer's search engine and entering "seeking the lost." Try at least 10 of the sites listed. One of them should get you to him. I hope you have some personal info such as his SS number and date of birth. Good luck!


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