Day 4 in isolation: Teacher Hope Moffett gets some air

Hope Moffett, with microphone, a teacher at Auden Reid High School, who might lose her job for speaking out about conditions at the school, is presented to the crowd of teachers, students and parents who protested in front of the school district building Friday afternoon. (Michael Bryant / Staff Photographer)

On Day 4 in the "rubber room" for teachers facing disciplinary action, ousted Audenried High School teacher Hope Moffett said conditions in her basement dwelling were a little better yesterday.

"I got someone from the building staff to open a window, and it's very nice in here," she said of the isolated classroom at the district's High School Academic Division offices at Strawberry Mansion High.

Moffett was "reassigned" to the teacher jail on Feb. 17 after publicly questioning a district plan to convert Audenried into a charter school under its Renaissance Schools initiative aimed at helping underachieving schools.

Moffett said she learned Thursday that her "investigatory conference" on the school district's complaints against her has been rescheduled to Wednesday. That means she has at least two more days to spend in the rubber room.

The district said she disobeyed an order to avoid discussing her reassignment and may have endangered the safety of students by giving them SEPTA tokens to take part in a protest on Feb. 15.

- Valerie Russ