Perv suspect facing deportation

The man who is a "strong suspect" in a simulated sexual act with a toy dinosaur at a Chester County playground faces deportation to Mexico, State Police say.

Guadelupe Paramo-Almanza, 39, is suspected of flashing two teenage girls in Pomeroy Park, Avondale, about 4 p.m. Sept. 19, according to police.

Following the lewd gesture, Paramo-Almanza allegedly simulated "a sex act on a dinosaur-shaped playground apparatus," police said.

Paramo-Almanza was arrested shortly after, less than a mile away, and was believed to be drunk at the time, according to a state police supervisor who asked not to be identified.

He refused a breath and a blood test and was charged with public drunkenness. The supervisor said that while Paramo-Almanza remains a "strong suspect," he has not been charged with indecent exposure or similar crimes because the witnesses could not positively identify him.

While in custody, police said they discovered that Paramo-Almanza, a native of Mexico, was in the country illegally. According to the supervisor, the only identification that Paramo-Almanza had on him when arrested was an employee identification card for a local mushroom grower. A trooper fluent in Spanish questioned Paramo-Almanza, but he refused to be interviewed and asked for a lawyer, police said. He is being held in Montgomery County Prison, police said.