Nutter wound up with 36.6% of votes

The votes are in - and Michael Nutter is still the Democratic nominee for mayor of Philadelphia.

The city's official vote count, approved yesterday by a panel of three former judges, had Nutter leading the Democratic field with 106,805 votes, 36.6 percent of those cast.

His nearest rival, millionaire businessman Tom Knox, was more than 35,000 votes behind, with 24.6 percent. U.S. Rep. and Democratic Party chairman Bob Brady was third with 15.3 percent, U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah just behind with 15.2 percent and state Rep. Dwight Evans finished fifth with 7.8 percent.

The closest race in the city was the contest for Nutter's former seat in City Council, the 4th district. The official returns gave Curtis J. Jones Jr. a 470-vote margin over incumbent Carol Campbell with 9,144 votes for Jones and 8,674 for Campbell. Attorney Matthew McClure was a close third, with 8,304 votes.

Among the Democratic candidates for Council at large, the five nominations went to James F. Kenney, with 95,389 votes; W. Wilson Goode Jr., 79,798 votes; William K. Greenlee, 63,563 votes; Bill Green, 62,252 votes, and Blondell Reynolds Brown, 51,846 votes.

No. six, just out of the money, was the mayor's son, Sharif T. Street, with 47,879 votes.

The mayor's brother, T. Milton Street Sr., whose candidacy got more media attention than anyone else's, ran 17th among the 19 candidates, with 10,468 votes.

The four Democratic nominations for Common Pleas judgeships went to Linda Carpenter, with 77,101 votes; Alice Beck Dubow, with 63,877 votes; Ellen Green Ceisler, 46,888 votes, and Michael Erdos, 45,613 votes. In fifth place was Beverly Muldrow, with 42,535 votes. *